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In this book, Power to Witness, Dr. McMillan helps believers rediscover their spiritual empowerment thereby releasing each Christian witness to be productive in the kingdom of God. We must now operate in a spiritual boldness to reclaim the lost and equip the saints for warfare. It’s time for a gospel that will not be compromising or theologically diluted but one that can be received and digested that the hearer will not only consume but be transformed for Christ. + The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church owes a debt gratitude to the Bureau of Evangelism and Dr. Otis T. McMillan for providing another excellent resource to assist us in the ministry of Evangelism.



The Importance of One


Today we may receive volumes of information, but some things are really important to know! One Man’s  Disobedience - One Penalty For Sin  - One man’s Obedience - One Way To Heaven - One Day It Will Be Too Late!





Brand New "From Members To Disciples
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For New Converts Rededications, Progressive Christian
New Discipleship Manual
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The subject matter is relevant and crucial as our church strives to become 21st Century Christians by restoring the mission, retooling the leadership, and building the community. Dr. Starnes, now Bishop Darryl B. Starnes, Presiding Prelate of the South Western Delta of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church has given another precious gift to the Body of Christ. The Bureau of Evangelism is extremely proud and humble to offer this biblically sound discipleship manual to the Church.

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Just As I Am.....13 great gospel songs

New Release - April 2011
220 pages of Inspiration and Challenge

In Re-Think Church, the Rev. Dr. Otis McMillan makes the Book of Acts the ultimate study guide for understanding the church, its nature, and its mission in the world. He challenges us to take a fresh, yet biblically grounded look at the Church of God as the Body of Christ commissioned by Him; and empowered by the Holy Spirit to fulfill His mission.  

Bishop Darryl B. Starnes, Sr.
Southwestern Delta Episcopal District