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The outreach ministry of the Bureau of Evangelism distributes cassette teaching tapes, CDs, Books and Music Cds. God has given Pastor McMillan a Rhema word to speak prophetically into the lives of His people. 

Preaching CDs $5.00 Each  plus S/H

5 or more S/H free! 

Ministry Compact Disc

1. The Man God Use

2. An Awesome Journey

3. Good Tiding Of Great Joy

4. A Strategy For Success

5. Preparation For The Next Level

6. A Prescription For Recovery

7. A New Vision Of God

8. Trusting God For Deliverance

9. A Child Of God In Crisis

10. God Is Greater Than Our Circumstances

11. An Unforgettable Impression

12. When Opportunity Knocks 

13. Facing the Future

14. Rise And Shine

15. Your Past is Not Your Future

16. Overcoming The Offences Of Life

17. Consider Your Ways: Prioritize

18. The Spirit Of A Mother

19. Fulfilling The Ministry Of Jesus Christ

20. The Need For Pentecostal Power

21. Five Things A Church With Pentecostal Power Ought To Do

22. Five Pressing To Reach Out For

23. Handling Problems Without Being Distracted

24. Heart Trouble

25. An Extreme Makeover

26. Positioned To Take Ministry To The Next

27. Surviving The Hard Places Of Life

28. Experiencing Growing Pains

29. A Disturbing Gospel

30. Weathering The Storms Of Life

31. When Opportunity Knocks

32. A Great Tragedy Of A Great Church

33. Allowing God to Make Us What We Ought To Be

34. An Awesome Journey

35. When The Wine Runs out

36. A Nick At Night Experience

37. Confronted By Truth

38. Do You Want Get Well

39. From Discovery To Recovery

40. A Fresh Encounter

41. Overcoming Your Handicaps

42. A Victorious Faith

43. Victory Over Diseases

44. The Valley Of Dry Bones

45. The Journey From Mt. Carmel To Mt. Horeb

46. Where Are The Elijahs Of God

47. Arise Get Thee To  Zarephath

48. Get Ready For The Rain

49. The Man God Uses

50. Shamgar: The Suggestions of a Lifestyle

51. Stay The Course

52. A Famine In The Land

53. Victory Over Dangers

54. If Thou Hadst Known

55. Five Pressing Desires

56. Facing The Future

57. Speaking With Care

58. There Is Hope For The Future

59. A New Beginning

60. Remember Lots Wife

61. Good Tiding Of Great Joy

62. Victory Over Danger

63. Victory Over Demons

64. The Reality Of The Resurrection

65. Consider Your Ways In Light Of God Call

66. Consider Your Ways In Light Of God Promises

67. A Disturbing Gospel

68. When Opportunity Knocks, Don't Miss The Moment

69. An Unforgettable Impression

70. A New Vision Of God

71. God Is Greater Than Our Circumstances

72. A New Beginning